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HIL Digitalisation Conference 2023

01 Jun 2023 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM
Radisson BLU, Glasgow

Two years after the release of the Scottish Government’s Hydrogen Policy Statement, it is becoming more apparent that digitalisation is a core solution to ambitious climate targets and placing Scotland as a centre of international excellence.

Hydrogen Priorities

The draft Hydrogen Action Plan articulates the actions that will be taken over the next five years to support the development of a hydrogen economy to further Scotland’s efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from Scotland’s energy system while ensuring a just transition.

Within the action plan, they set out their priorities for production, distribution, storage, trade, and more, with digitalisation being the thread connecting sectors and industries.

Event Synopsis

 Industry leaders are working on innovative ways to meet these ambitious sustainability goals. Digital technology is an essential component in delivering the hydrogen economy, and this one-day conference will bring a wide range of stakeholders responsible for delivering Scotland’s hydrogen objectives to discuss practical ways in which we can produce and distribute hydrogen successfully through digitalisation.

Split into four sections below; we are looking for industry experts to contribute to the day.

  • Accelerate innovation, digitalisation, concept selection and capital investment decision-making
  • Reduce capital and operational costs through visual estimating and optimised designs
  • Employ AI and analytics to reduce risk while improving uptime, safety, and reliability
  • Maximise agility and resilience in the supply chain

Technology will undoubtedly be a significant accelerator for accelerating the energy transition away from fossil fuels and building a secure hydrogen economy. Discover how digital solutions can assist you as you explore all avenues of the hydrogen economy.

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