Electrolyser Coating Improvements: Boosting Efficiency Threefold
Increasing Electrolyser capacity is an essential aspect of building the hydrogen economy. Electrolyser coating can play a huge role in improving efficiency and durability moving forwards. 

Building on the TFP Hydrogen Products recently revealed their new solution once scaled will increase the durability and efficiency of electrolysers threefold.  

Having already built its business case by installing the coating technology at a site in New York totalling a capacity of 600 MW, the company is looking to expand its portfolio past this fully operational facility. 

TFP Hydrogen Products in Cornwall, UK, has developed technology that forms the basis of the new line, which has been designed with scalability as a priority in order to accommodate market expansion. 

The company’s decision to expand was announced shortly after appointing Rob Musgrove as its Commercial Director. The coating technology targets important material obstacles associated with using titanium PEM electrolyser components. 

Its goal is to enhance performance and efficiency by reducing interfacial contact resistance, preventing corrosion, and minimizing hydriding and embrittlement. 

Dr. David Hodgson, Managing Director of TFP Hydrogen Products, expressed the company’s commitment to an ambitious innovation roadmap that aligns with the rapid growth of the hydrogen economy.