Cyprus Has Great Potential for Green Hydrogen Production
Cyprus has the necessary knowledge and conditions for the development of renewable energy sources to contribute to the production of green hydrogen, experts have said.


At an information day on green hydrogen in Nicosia, it was also noted that Cyprus’s geographic position carries great potential for the import of hydrogen to Europe.

Addressing guests at event, Energy Minister George Papanastasiou outlined the country’s goals to reduce energy bills and strengthen the energy supply by diversifying energy sources.

The minister also emphasised the European Hydrogen Strategy’s aim to produce 10 million metric tons of green hydrogen by 2030, a goal doubled by the REPowerEU and proposed to be achieved through imports.

The energy minister ten spoke of aims to develop the Cyprus National Strategy for Hydrogen, before detailing how hydrogen might be introduced into the nation’s energy mix.

“Specifically, it is being examined whether the production of green hydrogen, which is produced by the method of electrolysis of water from electricity coming from RES, could be a key to the further promotion of RES in Cyprus,” he explained.

Jorgo Chatzimarkakis, CEO of Hydrogen Europe, emphasised the country’s green hydrogen potential: “Cyprus has access to air and sun. It is located at a key geographical point and that is why it is time for Cyprus to join the great conversation that is taking place worldwide on the market for hydrogen.”

He also acknowledged Cyprus’s energy expertise, which could position the country as a leader of part of the evolution and development of hydrogen.