Croatian Green Ammonia Hub to Begin Operations in 2027
Startup Green Energy Park is working on the establishment of a worldwide supply chain for a major green ammonia import and supply hub. How will this amplify the production of hydrogen in Croatia?

According to Green Energy Park, the GEP Krk hub will have ten million tons of annual capacity for green ammonia import, storage, and distribution annually. It is equivalent to 1.8 million tons of hydrogen.

The midstream facility will be located at a deepwater seaport and initially operate with bunker vessels.

Green Energy Park expects the first storage tank of 100,000 cubic meters to be completed in mid-2027. Green ammonia would be transferred to ships and trucks, with storage tanks of 80,000 cubic meters each being built.

The startup has also revealed that it is looking at opportunities in the industrial centers in North Italy, South Germany, and other nearby areas.

Chief Executive Officier of Green Energy Park Bart Biebuyck explained that it is aiming through the hub to boost collaboration in the sector: “We welcome private parties to join our open franchise network and collaborate with us along the various parts of the hydrogen value chain. Our mission is to unite upstream, midstream, and downstream facilities and coordinate the timing and scale of investment activities between our network partners.”