Could Ukraine Prove Crucial for the Global Hydrogen Economy?

According to the Ukrainian Hydrogen Council, exciting developments in hydrogen and decarbonisation technologies were at the forefront of discussions in Poland last week.

Ukraine aims to reduce its carbon footprint significantly

The Central European Hydrogen Technology Forum H2POLAND and Central European Decarbonization Forum NetZero took place on 24-25 April in Poznan, Poland. One of the speakers at the event was Dr Oleksandr Riepkin, a member of the board of the Ukrainian Hydrogen Council.

He participated in the debate on Global Hydrogen Impact. Dr Riepkin highlighted the pivotal role of hydrogen in Ukraine’s energy transition. He outlined ambitious plans for integrating hydrogen into various sectors of the national economy.

Dr Riepkin drew from strategic documents such as Ukraine’s Energy Strategy up to 2050 and the draft Hydrogen Strategy. Ukraine aims to significantly reduce its carbon footprint and meet emissions reduction targets by transitioning to hydrogen in industrial processes, power generation, and heating.

In addition, Ukraine plans to establish local production hubs for low-carbon hydrogen. Pilot projects are already identified nationwide. These initiatives, including Hydrogen Valleys in Odesa and Zakarpattia regions, aim to meet domestic demand and target export markets, primarily the European Union.

Ukraine is set up to play a pivotal role in the global hydrogen economy

“We need comprehensive regulatory frameworks and strategic investments to realise our hydrogen vision. This includes incentivising hydrogen production, stimulating infrastructure development, and fostering innovation through supportive policies and market mechanisms,” as written on the Ukrainian Hydrogen Council’s official website.

Global trends towards renewable energy and efforts to reduce carbon emissions mitigate the influence of any single country, like Russia, promoting diversification and resilience in energy systems.

Ukraine is poised to play a pivotal role in the global hydrogen economy by actively engaging in international events and leveraging strategic initiatives. The country wants to drive sustainable development and combat climate change.

On 28th May, the Ukrainian Hydrogen Council will organise the 3rd Annual International Conference. It focuses on the dynamic theme, “From Promise to Reality: Accelerating Hydrogen Technologies in Ukraine and the World”. This conference promises to be an illuminating exploration into the forefront of hydrogen technology advancements and their pivotal role in shaping a sustainable future.

Main Topics:

  • New Perspectives for Green Hydrogen.
  • Ukraine through the Implementation of Business Projects.
  • Hydrogen Technology Transformation and Science.

The event will be available online on the Ukrainian Hydrogen Council’s official YouTube channel. It will be held in both English and Ukrainian.