CCUS Contract Secured for Japanese Blue Hydrogen Project
Expro Group Holdings N.V has secured a carbon capture, utilisation, and storage (CCUS) contract for a Japanese blue hydrogen project. How will this help to advance the country’s sustainable energy solutions?

It was unveiled that INPEX Corporation awarded the contract for the Kashiwazaski clean hydrogen and ammonia project, which aims to produce 700 tonnes of blue hydrogen annually.

Expro’s contract includes the delivery of tubular running services for multiple sections of casing, liner, and tubing across 12 months. This covers one production well, one injection well, and one monitoring well.

Alistair Geddes, Chief Operating Officer of Expro, explained that the project is going to support meeting decarbonisation targets: “Carbon storage sites are a fundamental part of clean hydrogen projects, and ensuring the long-term integrity of those wells is imperative.

“We are proud to be a part of this demonstration project that aligns with Expro’s and the industry’s efforts to reduce carbon emissions while advancing our sustainable energy solutions.”

The Kashiwazaki clean hydrogen and ammonia plant project has been described as a key milestone in Japan’s energy security journey to help to produce clean energy from domestically sourced gas.