Australian $2bn Project To Produce 65 Tonnes Of Green Hydrogen
Sunshine Hydro has unveiled a $2bn hydrogen production mega-project in Queensland, Australia. Hydrogen Industry Leaders look at the project and how it will benefit the country.

The ‘Flavian’ SuperHybrid is an integrated renewable energy, storage, and green hydrogen infrastructure project planned within the Central Queensland Renewable Energy Zone (REZ).

Once fully operational, the Flavian SuperHybrid will provide 65 tonnes per day of green hydrogen for transport and local industry and 220MW of green energy being supplied.

This is the first of three similarly sized SuperHybrid projects Sunshine Hydro and partners are developing. Upon completing the three projects, they will supply 200 tonnes of green hydrogen per day for domestic and export markets.

Chairman at Sunshine Hydrogen, Michael Myer, said: “The combination of the long duration pumped hydro combined with the fast-acting response of PEM electrolysers can provide grid services second to none.

“Our proprietary software AESOP (Advanced Energy Storage Optimising Programme) ensures that these services are available around the clock every day of the year even though the renewable energy sources are variable.”

During construction, the Flavian SuperHybrid will generate 500 full-time jobs, and when operational, it will employ 60 full-time employees in both the pumped hydro and hydrogen generation facilities.

Sunshine Hydro has secured land to base the Flavian SuperHybrid and commenced detailed feasibility studies and planes to read the final investment decision in 2025, with commissioning in 2028.