Australia To Get Leading Hydrogen Boiler Technology
Jericho Energy Ventures Inc (JEV) and LINE Hydrogen (Australia) are collaborating to bring a leading hydrogen boiler technology, known as DCC Boiler to Australia. Hydrogen Industry Leaders looks at how this technology will contribute to the country reaching its net zero targets.

DCC Boiler’s Dynamic Combustion Chamber Boiler harnesses the power of hydrogen, for commercial heating, hot water, and industrial steam boiler applications. It is said that each DCC Boiler installed removes about 4,400 tons of CO2 per annum and LINE Hydrogen and JEV will work together to bring the boilers to Australia

Together the companies will ensure that the supply of green hydrogen is prioritised and will look to enter into offtake agreements for the supply of LINE Hydrogen’s green hydrogen produced at its George Town Green Hydrogen Plant.

The agreement comes after the Australian and US Government released a joint statement on the Establishment of the Australia-US Net Zero Technology Acceleration Partnership. The agreement demonstrates how projects like this can deliver on both government policy and industry net zero targets.