Asia Pacific Green Hydrogen: Driving Malaysia’s Energy Transition

Asia Pacific Green Hydrogen leads the way as Malaysia is leapfrogging towards sustainable energy to guide Malaysia towards a low-carbon economy to provide a green future.

The upcoming Asia Pacific Green Hydrogen Conference and Exhibition 2024 (APGH 2024) is a milestone event for Malaysia’s development towards sustainable energy transformation. Led by Dr Haji Hazland bin Abang Hipni, Deputy Minister for Energy and Environmental Sustainability Sarawak and organised by Borneo Business Connect, this conference intends to spark collaboration between green hydrogen producers and users.

Fostering Collaboration: Courtesy Visit to Malaysian Deputy Prime Minister

A remarkable phase of APGH 2024 was a courtesy visit explicated by the organiser to Dato’ Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, the Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia and the Minister of Energy Transition & Water Transformation in Malaysia. The meeting focuses on the spirit of partnership and the objectives of Malaysia’s hydrogen and green energy transition ambition.

APGH 2024: Accelerating Malaysia’s Green Hydrogen Goals

Borneo Business Connect Sdn Bhd was committed to speeding up green hydrogen and energy transition objectives of Malaysia. Meet students and increase their awareness of the latest green hydrogen production technologies and sustainable use through knowledge sharing, strategic partnerships and showcases.

Government Endorsement: Commitment to Carbon Neutrality

Minister YAB Dato’ Sri Haji Fadillah bin Haji Yusof points up in his speech that Malaysia is serious about achieving carbon neutrality and this event is one of the key initiatives at the moment in encouraging green hydrogen. He brings hydrogen as the future fuel for a new economy without a carbon footprint and urges international collaboration for this transition.

Sarawak’s Post-COVID Development Strategy

YB Datuk Dr Haji Hazland bin Abang Hipni gave a speech on the Post-COVID Development Strategy of Sarawak which feature several mainline initiatives such as hydrogen development, green energy sources, carbon capture and storage, and a move towards sustainable aviation fuel. Consequently, the projects shall contribute to the main objective of the state to lower its carbon footprint and reach the goal of net-zero emissions for the year 2050. At APGH 2024, we foresee the association facilitating knowledge exchange and international expertise in hydrogen market development.