Air Products Announces Plans for Canadian Refuelling Stations

Clean energy proponents Air Products have established plans to construct large multi-modal hydrogen stations that will connect Alberta’s two largest cities.

This new development will help Western Canada achieve its goal of 5,000 hydrogen or duel-fuel vehicles in five years. This announcement from Air Products has also received a nod from Canada’s Minister of Energy and Natural Resources.

 Air Products has announced it intends to build a network of permanent, commercial-scale multi-modal hydrogen refuelling stations stretching from Edmonton to Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

“With abundant resources, tremendous talent, and forward-thinking governments, Canada is driving the clean energy transition forward,” said Seifi Ghasemi, Air Products’ Chairman, President and CEO.

“Last year, Air Products announced our continued investment in Western Canada with the first permanent, commercial-scale hydrogen refuelling station in Alberta. Today, we build on that commitment with plans to build additional commercial-scale multi-modal hydrogen refuelling stations, developing a hydrogen highway connecting Alberta’s two largest cities and enabling the continued development of the region’s hydrogen ecosystem.”

 Making hydrogen more accessible in Canada

The permanent, multi-modal hydrogen refuelling stations will be equipped to serve heavy-duty vehicles, such as commercial and municipal trucks and buses, as well as light-duty hydrogen fuel cell cars.

The stations will be along the Queen Elizabeth II Highway that runs through Calgary and Edmonton, providing a fuelling experience and speed that is similar to gasoline or diesel. This hydrogen infrastructure will help Western Canada reach a goal of 5000 hydrogen or dual fuel vehicles on the road in five years.

“Each of our state-of-the-art, high-capacity, high-reliability stations will be able to fuel up to 200 heavy-duty trucks or 2000 cars per day,” noted Rachel Smith, Vice President and General Manager, Air Products Canada.

“In Canada, hydrogen is essential to decarbonising transportation where heavy-duty vehicles travel long distances in extreme temperatures. We are excited to be activating Canada’s first hydrogen corridor here in Alberta.”

This move propels Canada’s net zero by 2050 ambition

The first of Air Products’ permanent hydrogen refuelling stations, located in Edmonton, near the site of the company’s landmark net zero hydrogen energy complex that is under construction, is scheduled to be onstream in 2025.

Currently, Air Products has placed a temporary, hydrogen mobile fueller on the site that is supplying customers. The permanent Edmonton hydrogen refuelling station is supported in part by CAN$1 million in funding from Natural Resources Canada’s Zero Emission Vehicle Infrastructure Program.

Hon. Jonathan Wilkinson, Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Canada, said: “The development and deployment of hydrogen presents an enormous economic and environmental opportunity for Canadians.

“The federal government is prepared to seize this opportunity, and today’s announcement by Air Products shows that Canadian companies and innovators are also continuing to lead the way on hydrogen. I congratulate Air Products on today’s exciting announcement. Together, we will continue to establish Canada as a leading producer and supplier of hydrogen on our path to net zero by 2050.”

In addition, Air Products has a hydrogen mobile fueller at the Edmonton International Airport to provide hydrogen for the airport’s fleet of Toyota Mirai hydrogen fuel cell vehicles as well as a mobile fueller located on Aurum Road ready to serve the broader Edmonton market.