A Global First: Hydrogen Application of Flexible Composite Pipe

Together with Groningen Seaports, SoluForce has developed a Flexible Composite Pipe system for hydrogen applications up to 42 bar. The SoluForce Hydrogen Tight solution will be used at Groningen Seaports, as an infrastructure to distribute green hydrogen produced by wind mills in the North Sea to companies in the chemical and industrial sectors in the Eemshaven.

SoluForce is the originator of Flexible Composite Pipes. Their metalfree pipeline systems and connectors for oil, gas, water and mining are quick to deploy in challenging terrain.

They last up to 50 years, maintenance-free. Plus we offer specialist installation equipment and support, including onsite training. Their customers are cutting their costs in the toughest physical and economic environments on Earth.

Their mission is to revolutionise the way energy is transported, by offering solutions that help cut cost and make operations safe, durable and efficient.

The SoluForce Hydrogen Tight system makes a significant contribution to the future of the hydrogen value chain and will accelerate the energy transition.

Length of the pipes will be approximately 4km and will transfer clean hydrogen under 32barg operating pressure.

“As Groningen Seaports, we play an active role in making the industry in the Northern Netherlands greener and more sustainable. Through the collaboration with SoluForce we have been able to develop and install a piping system that is cheaper than the alternative, steel. In this way we contribute to the acceleration of the energy transition” – Groningen Seaports.

There are more than a few benefits of this new way of transfer:

  • No hydrogen embrittlement
  • Significant cost reductions compared to (steel) alternatives
  • The world’s only certified spool able Reinforced Thermoplastic Pipe for hydrogen applications
  • Fully flexible and easy to install
SoluForce Hydrogen Tight (H2T): Unique in the world of hydrogen transport and a global first.

SoluForce has developed a spool able Reinforced Thermoplastic industrial Piping system (RTP, also known as FCP) for hydrogen applications. The SoluForce FCP has been certified for hydrogen applications up to 42 bar of operating pressure. Unique in the world of hydrogen transport and a global first. With a significantly lower CO2 eq. footprint compared to alternatives, this ready to use pipeline solution has a major impact on the feasibility of (green) hydrogen and a sustainable energy mix.

Benefits of the SoluForce Hydrogen Tight (H2T)

  • Certified for hydrogen applications of up to MOP 42 bar/ 609 psi, at maximum operating temperature of 65°C
  • Based on proven and existing technologies
  • The only Flexible Composite Pipe for hydrogen applications available today
  • Quick and easy to install

The SoluForce Hydrogen Tight system has many benefits that are the same as other SoluForce versions.

The pipe features a uniquely manufactured bonded aluminum layer, preventing hydrogen from permeating out of the SoluForce H2T pipe. Resulting in the industries only completely Hydrogen Tight Reinforced Thermoplastic Pipe (or RTP) system. Therefore it eliminates possible health, safety and environmental issues. The pipe is reinforced with aramid fiber, and the inside and outside layers are made of a non-corrosive HDPE. No special treatment is needed, thus reducing installation and mainte­nance costs.

With the certified maximum operating pressure of 42 bar, the SoluForce H2T pipe is perfectly suited to be connected to hydrogen electrolysers that usually operate at around 30 bar.

SoluForce Hydrogen Tight (H2T) has the same characteristics as the Classic version. Hydrogen Tight version is available for SoluForce Classic.